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Sustainability-related services and initiatives from USBC members.

Members with Sustainability-Related Initiatives & Services

Ivory Homes
Larry H. Miller Megaplex Theatres

Leaders for Clean Air
LUX Events
Marriot Provo
P3 Utah
SLC Green
Swire Coca-Cola
The Shops
Waste Less Solutions
Wholesale Nuts & Dried Fruit
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ACE Recycling and Disposal purchased their first compressed natural gas (CNG) garbage truck in 2008, and as of 2021, 63% of their garbage trucks run on CNG. ACE has never shied away from investing in new technology that can positively impact our air quality. In 2010, ACE built their first CNG fueling station at their headquarters, and now they have CNG fueling infrastructure at four of their facilities along the Wasatch Front. As of early 2019, ACE began purchasing Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) that is generated from decomposing waste at a Texas landfill. Most exciting of all, the ACE team is eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new electric side-load garbage truck that should be ready to debut in early 2022.

In addition to our efforts in becoming a green fleet, ACE’s headquarters in West Valley City is home to 918 solar panels, is xeriscaped, and has a geothermal heating and cooling system.


ACE Recycling and Disposal is a local waste hauler who offers waste diversion services to our customers which include single-stream recycling, cardboard recycling, metal recycling, and food waste composting. We partner with a variety of recycling facilities along the Wasatch Front in order to provide customers with sustainable solutions to their waste needs. Aside from providing hauling services, ACE sells waste compactors and balers.

banqu logo .png

BanQu is a fully digitized and secure platform for true 360° supply chain traceability. BanQu's Software-as-a-Service allows you to know who your farmers, waste collectors, and laborers are; verify they received payment; track the full chain of custody; and prove product provenance and sustainability to consumers with a QR code. BanQu is customizable for any use case and gives you real-time reports on your ESG metrics.

BanQu anchor
Bobelo anchor

Bobelo is the first self-carbonating drink mix in the world.  It is healthy, hydrating, full of flavor, and sustainable. Bobelo helps Utah businesses to eliminate plastic and aluminum waste in the breakroom or home office with our healthy drink mix options for reusable water bottles.  


Bobelo contains Zero sugar or artificial ingredients and has three product lines which reduce stress, build immune systems and delivers natural energy, meant to replace unhealthy and wasteful beverages in bottles and cans, all at a fraction of the cost.  In 2021, Bobelo has eliminated over 30,000 lbs. of sugar and almost half a million plastic bottles and cans from Utah businesses!


Bobelo is a member of 1% for the planet and is a certified Benefit Corporation.

Chatooks anchor
1chatbooks logo.png

Chatbooks invented the world’s first subscription photo book, which makes creating photo books automatic for its customers.


By focusing on four core values—beyond easy, super affordable, great quality, and amazing service—Chatbooks has become a beloved brand of parents everywhere.


Chatbooks products are made using Garda Coated Paper which meets both Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC International) chain of custody standards for sustainably sourced wood and is manufactured at sites which hold #ISO14001 and Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) environmental management certifications as well as #ISO50001 energy management certification.  

Clever Octopus Anchor

Clever Octopus is a nonprofit that actively works with individual community members and businesses to divert waste and educate our community on how we engage with unwanted materials. To date, we have diverted over 232,474 lbs of waste from local landfills. We accomplished this through organizing materials provided to us by business and community partners and giving them back to local artists and educators for free or highly discounted prices. We have also provided $18,900 worth of diverted materials to other nonprofits in our community via our Nonprofit Rewards Program. Our nonprofit partners then use those materials to directly serve the needs of the community members that they represent.


Clever Octopus helps community members find affordable art supplies through the resale of thrifted arts & crafts materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill. They also offer affordable community classes on a variety of art and science topics. As Utah’s first and only creative reuse center, their goal is to provide art education access to youth and adults and encourage communities to reconsider their consumption habits.


If you have materials that you would like to get rid of but don't want to throw away, you can schedule a donation drop off here: Explore their treasure trove of art and educational supplies Monday - Friday from 10AM - 6:30PM or Satuday from 10AM - 6PM. You can also learn more about their organization at!

Cotopaxi anchor

In addition to our focus on ethical manufacturing, we go the extra mile to source non-virgin and alternative fabrics that are better for the environment. To date, 94% of Cotopaxi products use repurposed, recycled, or responsible materials with a goal to get to 100% by 2025. We also offer repair & trade in programs that prolong the lifecycle of our products to reduce our overall environmental impact.

In 2021, we took responsibility for our carbon footprint and became a verified carbon neutral company. With Climate Neutral’s help, a nonprofit that assists brands in becoming 100% carbon neutral, we measured our carbon footprint and purchased vetted carbon credits to offset our emissions. On top of that, we have worked with them to create an actionable plan for reducing our overall impact in the next two years.


Cotopaxi is an outdoor gear brand founded to create sustainably designed products that fight extreme poverty, inspire adventure, and move people to do good. As a certified B Corporation, we believe in using the power of business as a force for social, environmental, and economic good.

Creative Energies anchor

With over 20 years of solar installation experience, Creative Energies works closely with homeowners and businesses alike to meet their renewable energy goals in the intermountain west. Our community-facing approach has earned us rapport with the communities we serve.


In addition to providing solar solutions for folks across Utah, Creative Energies utilizes Cascade Eco Minerals (CEM) as a solution for solar panel recycling. We collect broken or damaged panels and ship them to CEM who then focuses on solar glass recycling. 72% of solar panels are composed of glass which CEM turns into cullet, blended glass, light-weight beads, and glass beads for special applications. CEM makes a point of recycling all parts of the solar panel, not just the glass, so that nothing ends up in the landfill. According to CEM, they are “the only solar panel processor that provides complete in-house solar panel recycling and remineralization.” Creative Energies is dedicated to finding solutions that support a more circular economy. 


Out of a desire to use business as a force for good, Creative Energies pursued a Benefit Corporation (B Corp) Certification in 2017. To maintain our B Corp status, we must re-certify every three years. As a company we scored 84.2 points in 2017 and 89.7 points in 2019. We are committed to improving our score in November of 2023. 

DayHouse anchor

Inspired by nature, we empower health, sustainability, and well-being with our most fundamental tool - connection. We are an interior design company integrating biophilic design, aesthetics, and functionality to connect people with nature and self-care. As a research-backed firm, we bring the health benefits of nature, physical activities, music, social support, relaxation, and more. Our multifaceted and tailored approach designs every room around client-specific health needs. We enable clients to receive health benefits accrued outdoors while enjoying their indoor environments by implementing diverse lighting strategies, views of nature, biomorphic patterns, plants and fresh flowers, natural materials, sounds and smells from nature, and other features. Our unique design framework puts mental, physical, and environmental health first.


We are changing the way our clients and our communities interact with indoor landscapes by bringing us back to our roots. Welcome home.

Giv Group anchor
giv group logo.png

Giv Group exists to foster vibrant, sustainable, and balanced communities throughout the U.S. Intermountain West. It believes that how we use our land has a profound impact on who we are and that healthy food, safe housing, clean air, and meaningful connection should be available to everyone regardless of background or economic status.


Giv’s intentional pairing of nonprofit and socially-driven for profit organizations allows it a broad toolset to get there. From historic preservation to catalytic development, area planning to operational support, Giv-owned projects to community partner facilitation, we look to help neighborhoods turn their best ideas into places they can connect with and call home.

Ivory Homes anchor

In an ever-changing and drought-prone Utah, Ivory Homes recognizes the importance of creating sustainable water techniques in the many communities they influence and build. Ivory Homes is committed to water conservation through the implementation of the water-wise landscaping program Localscapes® in their homes throughout the state. By creatively arranging gathering areas, activity zones, paths, planting beds, and open spaces, as well as utilizing drought-resistant trees plants, and trees, water-wise landscaping creates effective space usage and beautiful yards that can save more than 60 percent of the water used in traditional Utah landscaping. By the end of 2021, Ivory Homes will have implemented Localscapes® in more than 1,000 new homes, saving a critical 59 million gallons of water annually during a year of historic drought. Using Localscapes®, an Ivory homeowner will save an average of 56,000 gallons of water per year, a remarkable amount that will greatly benefit Utah and our water supply continuously throughout the years. Ivory Homes further aids state efforts to conserve water by installing WaterSense Certified and water-wise appliances such as toilets, faucets, and dishwashers in all their homes.

Larry H Miller anchor

Larry H. Miller Megaplex Theatres has made significant strides towards sustainability. The examples below highlight ways small changes lead to substantial impact. 

  • Light fixtures throughout all Megaplex buildings are being replaced with more efficient LED lights

  • HVAC improvements include enhanced air filters and automated timers for heating and cooling systems

  • Reduced waste and increased recycling at facilities by converting cooking oil into biodiesel fuel, installing Dyson Air Blade hand dryers in all restrooms, offering compostable drinking straws when available, and installing automated water shut-off on restroom sinks

  • Refillable packaging options replaced millions of disposable paper cups and popcorn tubs

  • Electronic ticketing is becoming more generally accepted by guests, reducing thousands of single-use paper movie tickets

  • Cashless transactions at the box office and concessions stands allows for more electronic banking resulting in fewer cash transfers in costly armored cars

Leaders for Clean Air

Leaders for Clean Air is a 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to improving Utah’s air quality by providing electric vehicle charging stations to Utah businesses, implementing large-scale electric charger projects, and promoting the benefits of electric vehicle technology. Incentive procurement, electric vehicle charger (EVC) education, electric fleet consultation, installation recommendations, and creative solutions to challenges are just some of the ways we help our clients ease the process of installing EVC’s. Supported by local business leaders who recognize that workplace charging is the key to bending the curve on electric vehicle adoption, Leaders for Clean Air believes in making a positive impact on pollution levels to ensure cleaner air and a higher quality of life for all Utahns.

LUX Events
LUX logo.jpeg

We are a family of designers, mavens, and epicureans with a lifetime of combined expertise. LUX is built on passion and an unwavering commitment to excellence in Salt Lake City catering and event design. We are obsessed with innovation and pushing boundaries.


Our stellar reputation as a leading SLC caterer is based on our passion for creating exceptional events and memorable experiences. We are a hardworking, knowledgeable, and award-winning team. We listen. We take a boutique approach to event production, and collaborate with you to create the perfect event.


The LUX team is your guide to creating a zero-waste event. There are so many simple ways to produce a green event – such as sustainable rentals and linen options, coordination of mass transit, offering guests public transportation, menus featuring local ingredients – which helps to boost community revenue and reduce our carbon footprint, paperless proposals and invitations, eco-friendly centerpiece options, and SO much more.


We are Utah’s most award winning and highest rated catering and event companies – come experience the LUX difference.

Marriot Provo

Marriott Intl. has joined global efforts to reduce greenhouse gases (i.e. carbon emissions) due to their dramatic impact on our climate. One of our goals is to lessen the negative impacts of carbon emissions by committing to 30% carbon intensity reduction by 2025 (from a 2016 baseline).

Our hotel’s energy use is measured in kWhs divided by the total area of interior space. Conscious energy usage helps our property reduce carbon emissions by limiting its consumption of fossil fuels. While our monthly goal is 195.0 kWh (per sq. m.), the Provo Marriott Hotel is beating this goal by 2.9%, at a monthly average of 189.3 kWhs.

Projects that have helped us to achieve this goal include:

  • Installing LED lighting in guest rooms public space and motion detected lighting in offices and a majority of our meeting spaces

  • Completing an Elevator Modernization Project in 2021 in order to lower power consumption with modernized mechanical systems

  • Closing outdoor pool seasonally when not in use

  • Using timers on ice machines located on guest corridors

  • Installing motion detectors on thermostats in our North Tower guest rooms

Transparent Merrimak Logo purple 1.12.21.png

Merrimak is proud to be a WBENC certified woman-owned business. Our company Sustainability Goals include achieving carbon and water neutrality by 2030, maintaining zero waste-to-landfill in all end-of-life equipment practices, a robust annual impact giving program, and collectively achieving 10,000 hours of community service by 2030. We believe that we can drive innovation and growth in the global workforce while also addressing the most pressing climate issues our world faces. To date, Merrimak has diverted over 10,000 tons of equipment (the equivalent of 3,000 lift trucks) from landfills through refurbishment and recycling.


Merrimak Capital is a diverse lessor and asset resale company based in Salt Lake City. Serving over 25% of Fortune 500 companies and the like, Merrimak provides transparent and competitive financing structures for all types of equipment while focusing on material handling, tractor-trailer, IT and copy/print. Merrimak owns and operates its own warehouses where we refurbish and resell off-lease equipment. Through our decommission and asset resale services, we maximize resale values for customer owned assets while adhering to strict chain of custody protocols and sustainable recycling. Merrimak offers custom and comprehensive web-based asset tracking. Our business is focused on delivering comprehensive equipment lifecycle management and maximum flexibility throughout the life of the lease resulting in unprecedented customer retention rates. Merrimak anticipates having more than a billion dollars of original equipment costs under management in its company-owned portfolio by 2022.

Momentum anchor

Residential Food Waste Recycling Pilot Program

  • In our mission to help move the community towards zero waste, Momentum Recycling is conducting a free 3-month pilot program for residential food waste collection to select Salt Lake City residents from November 19th through February 4th. This program was limited to the first 100 eligible households and spots filled up quickly! 

  • This pilot program is made possible thanks to the support of Intermountain Healthcare: their generous donation will help kickstart residential food waste diversion from the landfill to preserve the beauty of the Wasatch Front

  • Participants are provided with a purple curbside food waste bin which is collected every Friday during the duration of the pilot program. 

  • Participants also are provided a 2.5-gallon kitchen caddy to conveniently collect food waste within their home. 

  • In order to keep both the kitchen cady and curbside bin clean, participants are provided with BPI-Certified compostable caddy liners to bag food waste.

  • If the program is continued at the conclusion of the pilot program, the monthly service fee will be $20/month

  • Momentum provides glass, mixed, and food waste recycling collection services for commercial businesses in Salt Lake and Summit County as well as select parts of Weber and Utah County.

  • At the end of each month, we send out Diversion Reports to the company which quantifies how many pounds of recyclables were diverted from the landfill from their recycling efforts. These reports also help track how many tons of Co2 were conserved through recycling that month. 

  • Individual customers can sign up for a glass recycling bin that will be picked up monthly at their home residence. We also are conducting a food waste recycling pilot program open to select SLC residents. 

  • To complement our collection services, Momentum Recycling organizations maximize recycling efforts by identifying the recyclable materials in their waste streams through comprehensive waste audits. 

  • Momentum Recycling also has public glass drop off dumpsters throughout the community that allows individuals to recycle their glass free of charge.

  • To sign up for any of these recycling services or learn where to find a glass drop off location, please visit our website:

P3 Utah anchor

P3 Utah has been providing support to sustainable businesses since 2012.  In that time, we have produced eight in person state business sustainability conferences and conducted several dozen best practice tours of area businesses.  We have passed state laws to make Utah one of only a half dozen U.S. states and territories offering both benefit corporation and benefit LLC triple bottom line business registration.  We promoted expanded incentives in purchasing and plan review for triple bottom line businesses in Salt Lake City.  We provide technical assistance and best practice information on our website, including:

  • 100 podcasts, primarily featuring local sustainability leaders;

  • Social and sustainable enterprise resource list called the SASE Database;

  • 2021 benefit company webinars;

  • Business Sustainability Impact Matrix to guide sustainability program management;

  • State benefit company information center; and

  • Sustainable business toolkit produced in all official U.N. languages.


In 2022, P3 Utah will be providing additional resources and programs for sustainable businesses, including:

  • Benefit company owner networking;

  • Chief sustainability officer GreenX green team problems solving sessions;

  • Global power-of-business impact leveraging webinar series;

  • Membership program including sustainability program technical assistance;

  • Online sustainable business certification program;

  • Advocacy for the national 30 Percent By 2030 land and water conservation program; and

  • Virtual best practice tours and networking events.

Recyclops anchor

Recyclops provides easy access to subscription-based recycling services for residences and businesses. So far they've recycled over 250 tons of material and are rapidly expanding that impact across both their home state of Utah and the entire United States. Their innovative business model enables drivers to use their personal vehicles for pickups, which results in a much smaller carbon footprint compared to using traditional recycling trucks.  

slc logo.jpeg

The Salt Lake City Sustainability Department develops goals and strategies to protect natural resources, reduce pollution, slow climate change, and establish a path toward greater resiliency and vitality for all aspects of the community. The Energy & Environment Division ensures that all municipal departments comply with all applicable environmental regulations—focusing specifically on Environmental Compliance, Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies, Air Quality, Energy Conservation, Renewable Energy, and Food Security. Select current programs and projects include the participation and leadership in the Utah 100 Communities program, energy benchmarking, Elevate Buildings, the Idle Free Ordinance, and local food programs such as the Resident Food Equity Advisors.


Salt Lake City’s e2 Business program is dedicated to helping Salt Lake’s business community run in a more environmentally and economically sustainable manner. Salt Lake City’s e2 Business program is entirely funded and managed by the city. Participation is free to any business located within Salt Lake City limits. Participating businesses receive expert consultation and guidance in incorporating sustainable business practices that will save money and reduce their impact on the environment. e2 Business members receive free sustainability consulting and strategizing from City experts, networking events, e2 Business newsletters, promotion in e2 Program-sponsored underwriting and advertising, and access to energy efficiency revolving loan fund and project support from SLC Green staff. Read about our e2 business success stories and members on the website.

SLC Green anchor
Swire Coca-Cola anchor
SilverLine Logo.png

Silverline Communications is a sustainability communications firm offering thought leadership, media relations and digital marketing. Learn more about how Silverline connects clients with stakeholders and builds trust between brands and communities. 


Swire Coca-Cola, USA's 2030 Sustainable Development Strategy includes several inspiring commitments such as a Science Based Target of reducing 70% of Scope 1&2 emissions and 30% of Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions by 2030.


They've also set goals of 100% renewable energy for core operations by 2026 and maintain a replenish rate of over 200% of the water they use in manufacturing operations through water restoration projects.


Learn more about Swire Coca-Cola's sustainability strategy and the projects that support these goals here. 

SilveLine Ancor
The Shop anchor

The Shop Workspace is proud to say that we don’t take sustainability lightly. The primary achievement demonstrating this fact is taking home the title of the first carbon neutral workspace in Salt Lake City. Through dynamic world-class design, The Shop has reset the bar for what a workspace can feel like without an adverse impact on the environment. On an ongoing basis, The Shop has invested in top of the line technology to make it easier to connect and share information without printing additional copies or purchasing your own set of technology through shared amenity spaces. As 2022 progresses, The Shop plans on sharing their best practices with the member organizations that occupy their space and help the individual business (big and small) set sustainability goals of their own.


The Shop is proud to be Salt Lake's first carbon neutral coworking space. In addition to offering shared and private office and event spaces, The Shop provides members with opportunities to reduce their own carbon footprint and work with sustainability focused local non-profits like The Green Urban Lunch Box. With a wide variety of world-class amenities, having your own private office doesn’t have to come with a massive carbon footprint.

Trinity Consultants anchor
trinity logo.png

Trinity Consultants, Inc., with a local office in Salt Lake City, provides deep expertise in environmental, health and safety (EHS), engineering, and science services. They offer consulting, technology, training and staffing services. Their ESG and Sustainability practice provides comprehensive climate change and sustainability program support to companies across many industries.

UCAIR anchor

Since 2019, the ShowUCAIR Gas Can Exchange program has successfully exchanged approximately 3,800 old gas cans resulting in emission reduction equivalent to taking nearly 680 cars off the road per day over the five-year-life span of the gas can (DAQ). The goal of the ShowUCAIR Gas Can Exchange program is to take the pre-EPA standard gas cans out of commission again and replace them with new, EPA-compliant gas cans for a cleaner, healthier Utah.


The University of Utah’s Intermountain Industrial Assessment Center (IIAC), funded by the Department of Energy, offers no-cost energy assessments to select Utah participants with the mission of reducing participant utility costs. These technical services directly support any participant goals for utility cost reductions, net zero, corporate social responsibility, climate neutrality, etc. while also providing university students a direct social impact experience.

Participation involves a team of top-tier students and university faculty visiting your facility to perform a one-day technical assessment. The team will provide a technical report detailing opportunities to save at least 10% on utility costs; individual recommendations within the report typically target simple payback periods of 2 years or less. 

Selected participants are asked to spend up to 10 hours with the team through the full process which may include providing brief, advance information (e.g., utility bills), providing a business and production process overview, hosting the University team on-site for one day, and participating in a follow-up implementation survey. Apply or contact us to learn more by following the links to the left. 

Univesity of Utah IIAC
USANA anchor
Usana Logo.jfif

At USANA, we’ve built out a sustainability program that is in line with our mission, values, as well as the needs and concerns of all our stakeholders. It is of the utmost importance that our program contributes to creating the healthiest family on earth while staying true to our core values of health, community, integrity, and excellence. We believe the best way to achieve this is to concentrate on 3 key pillars: People, Planet, and Products. Within each of these pillars, there are focus areas in which we believe we can truly make an impact. The focus areas and our ambitions for each are broken out below.



Employee health, safety, and well-being

Talent Management and Development

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Community Engagement



Sustainable Packaging

Waste Management

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Management



Product Quality and Safety

Responsible Sourcing

Health and Nutrition

Viridescent anchor
1viridescent logo.png

Welcome to the #VIRIVERSE ♾, where YOUR story as a change-making hero comes to life. 

VIRIDESCENT, B.L.L.C. is a mentorship and storytelling platform on a mission to unlock a sustainable way of living and working. Our partners are aspiring change-makers, organizations, communities, and industries that want to take action on social and environmental issues. By partnering with VIRIDESCENT, YOU are transported into the #VIRIVERSE ♾, an immersive world of your own sustainability impact brought to life through our mentorship, education, consulting, events, workshops, and stories. 


We offer expertise on storytelling, life balance, emotional intelligence, and design/systems thinking for sustainable careers (entrepreneurs & intrapreneurs), businesses, communities, and industries. 


Begin your #VIRIVERSE ♾ quest… 

Build your sustainability alter-ego.

Email & schedule a discovery call.

Explore @


Signed with philotimo, your VIRI_vigilantes 🐺🦉🐜⚡️

Waste Less anchor
Wholsale Nuts anchor

Waste Less Solutions is a nonprofit dedicated to the education, prevention and diversion of food waste in Utah. Wasted food in our landfills emits methane gas which is 23x worse for our environment than carbon dioxide. Waste Less Solutions was founded with the drive to reduce food waste in Utah to make a positive impact on the environment. We have adopted the UN’s goal of halving food waste by 2030. 


Our goal is to have every food organization in Utah on our Food Rescue program donating edible surplus food whenever it's available, rather than ending up in landfills. To date, through our food rescue program, we have rescued 600,000 pounds of food, which is the equivalent of 500,000 meals for individuals in need.  These meals have come from caterers, cafeterias, small restaurants, food distributors, farmers markets as well as from backyard gardens. We partner with other nonprofits who support under-served individuals in our communities to distribute this food.  We are the only organization of its kind in Utah and without us thousands of pounds of edible food would end up in the landfill.


Waste Less Solutions is a nonprofit dedicated to the education, prevention and diversion of food waste in Utah.  As part of our mission, we operate a food rescue program in Salt Lake and Utah counties to ensure edible surplus food gets to people in need rather than ending up in landfills.  Food wasting in our landfills emits methane gas which is 23x worse for our environment than carbon dioxide. Additionally, there are approximately 500,000 people who go hungry in Utah every year, so it does not make sense that edible food is thrown away. 


Waste Less Solutions solves the logistical problem of excess food in one place and not enough food in another.  We rescue food from caterers, cafeterias, small restaurants, food distributors, farmers markets as well as from backyard gardens.  Our volunteers use their own cars and our smartphone app to locate and pick up food and take it to our nonprofit partners who can distribute to their under-served clientele.

To date, we have rescued 600,000 pounds of food which is the equivalent of 500,000 meals for people in need.  We are the only organization of its kind in Utah and without us thousands of pounds of edible food would end up in the landfill.  If you are a food organization or a business with a cafeteria or on-site catering we’d love to partner with you to rescue your surplus food.  Additionally, we are always looking for more enthusiastic volunteers to help rescue food, help us locate more food donors as well as to help us grow our organization.


Wholesale Nuts And Dried Fruit was started two years ago right here in Utah. First started by the airport in the Salt Lake City transportation hub. Now, we are in Bluffdale, Utah. For customers all over America we send them fresh nuts, dried fruit, and seeds in bulk amounts. Saving them from purchasing single use plastics, over and over, in small amounts. Our entire business is based on saving customers from purchasing one or two pounds at a time.


Customers come to us that want wholesale pricing on fresh ingredients.

WipeDrive anchor

WipeDrive has been a Utah company since 1998 and is the industry leader in computer erasure. WipeDrive decreases e-waste by enabling customers to erase their hard drives and SSDs which allows the reuse of a computer's storage devices instead of shredding, drilling, or otherwise disposing of them.


WipeDrive also supports the development of a circular economy by offering computer diagnostic tools and erasure verification tools that extend the service life of technology devices.  


WipeDrive is offering 20 free credits to all fellow USBC members, request them at

If you'd like your organization to be highlighted, become a member here
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